Web Applications as
Business Solutions

From workflow applications to database applications and beyond, Logical Developers’ ability to wade through the requirements-gathering process, project execution and to come full-circle to project completion time after time make us the Logical choice for your next customized Web application project.


Business Application Development


xml_structure3The three secret ingredients that go into any successfully completed business application are experience, attention to detail and the use of the best tools available. At Logical Developers, we combine those ingredients every day to build our customers world-class quality Web applications. Our experience has come to us as we have steadilly been required to produce applications for a variety of industry sectors:

  • Financial industry
  • Manufacturing
  • Entertainment industry
  • Education
  • Research
  • More…

Logical Developers’ collective decades of experience continues to help us to adapt our problem-solving approach for new industries on a regular basis.

Our attention to detail is what probably sets Logical Developers apart most from our competition. We know that the last 10 percent of the job is really 50 percent of the job. Finishing is everything and it makes the difference between a happy customer and one who is less than happy.

But as important as experience and attention to detail are, our acquisition, use and mastery of the best third-party tools allows Logical Developers to come in on time and on budget. Rapid Application Development tools like those from Telerik and DevExpress help us keep the quality of our applications high while keeping our customers’ costs low.

A Well Designed Application Requires a Well-Designed Database

Database Design

Great application design begins with great database design, which can only be achieved when the requirements have been painstakingly analyzed. At Logical Developers, we understand the importance of these early processes in the lifecycle of a project.

Having to return to the drawing board late in the project because of some unanticipated requirement will all but guarantee wasted effort, wasted resources and wasted time.

The collective decades of experience that we bring to bear in optimizing a database relational model to suit a specific business need makes Logical Developers the logical choice.

Databases Done Right

Whether it is consistent adherence to entity naming conventions or thoughtful assignment of entity relationships, Logical Developers has the expertise and experience to build the right database solution every time.


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